coatal clean up 2017.jpg

Every year the school and the community do a coastal clean-up around the coasts of Port Fitzroy, Kawa, Motairehe and Whangapoua. We collect the rubbish from the beaches and sort it, lots of it is recycled and the rest is taken to the dump. In 2017/18 Joe and Marie, some scientists from Auckland University, came and talked to us about our results. We have data from the last 5 years that they took to analyse. We also got some data from the kids that came to the Island on 'The Spirit of New Zealand' and cleaned a beach in Catherine Bay.Last year Okiwi School picked up 3777 items at Motairehe, Kawa, Whangapoua and a lot of other places in the North of Aotea. Every year Okiwi School goes to a beach to clean up, so our bird life and moana is safe and so they don't die.